I Love Italo Disco



Buenísima colección de Italo Disco con los hits más conocidos

20 cds – más de 200 temas, Mp3 – 320 Kbps

1\CD1\[01] F.R. David – Words
1\CD1\[02] Valerie Dore – Get Closer (Vocal Version)
1\CD1\[03] The Twins – Ballet Dancer
1\CD1\[04] Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok (Long Version)
1\CD1\[05] Desireless – Voyage Voyage (Euro Remix Remix)
1\CD1\[06] Matia Bazar – Ti Sento (Extended Version)
1\CD1\[07] Den Harrow – A Taste Of Love
1\CD1\[08] Radiorama – Aliens (Another Version)
1\CD1\[09] Ray Foster – Run To Me
1\CD1\[10] Tullio De Piscopo – Stop Bajon (12´´ Version)
1\CD1\[11] David Christie – Saddle Up
1\CD1\[12] Boys Town Gang – Can´t Take My Eyes Off You
1\CD2\[01] Brian Ice – Talking To The Night (Vocal Version)
1\CD2\[02] Fancy – Lady Of Ice
1\CD2\[03] Kano – Another Life
1\CD2\[04] Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy (Nunk Remix Vocal)
1\CD2\[05] The Splash Band – The End (Disco Version)
1\CD2\[06] Video Kids – Woodpeackers From Space
1\CD2\[07] Orlando Johnson – One Night Pleaser (Album Version)
1\CD2\[08] Mai Tai – What Goes On (Special Dance Mix)
1\CD2\[09] Jules Tropicana – Come On (Remix)
1\CD2\[10] Charlie Danone – You Ain´t Got A Chance (Energy Version)
1\CD2\[11] Marce – I Want You
1\CD2\[12] Andermay – En Azul (Italoconnection Remix)
10\CD1\[01] Spagna – Call Me (Extended Version)
10\CD1\[02] Nick Kamen – Each Time You Break My Heart (Extended Version)
10\CD1\[03] Bad Boys Blue – You´re A Woman
10\CD1\[04] Jules – I Want To… (Vocal)
10\CD1\[05] Gino Soccio – Remember
10\CD1\[06] Divine – Shoot Your Shot
10\CD1\[07] The Twins – Desert Place (Long Version)
10\CD1\[08] Off – Electrica Salsa (Baba Baba)
10\CD1\[09] Time Bandits – I Won´t Steal Away (Special Re-Mix)
10\CD1\[10] One Two Three – Runaway (12´´ Version)
10\CD1\[11] Tom Hooker – Only One (Funky Version)
10\CD1\[12] Divine Sounds – What People Do For Money (Original 12´´ Mix)
10\CD2\[01] Kano – Cant Hold Back (Your Loving) (USA Remix)
10\CD2\[02] Camaro´s Gang – Fuerza Major
10\CD2\[03] Evelyn Barry – Living In The Sun
10\CD2\[04] Orlando & Parry Johnson – Woman Is Light
10\CD2\[05] Night People – Night Girl
10\CD2\[06] Ryan Paris – Dolce Vita
10\CD2\[07] Francesco Napoli – Balla Balla
10\CD2\[08] Sisley Ferre – Open Your Eyes
10\CD2\[09] Ross – Coming Up
10\CD2\[10] Bianca – Watching Me
10\CD2\[11] Charly Danone – Take Me To The Bed
10\CD2\[12] Victor Ark ft. Mr. Konrad – Loving Me
2\CD1\[01] Limahl – The Never Ending Story (Original Extended Version)
2\CD1\[02] Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (Original Version)
2\CD1\[03] Alan Ross – Valentino Mon Amour (Original Version)
2\CD1\[04] Silent Circle – Touch in the Night (Original Version)
2\CD1\[05] Stylóo – Pretty Face (Live)
2\CD1\[06] Dream Sequence – Outside Looking In (Original Version)
2\CD1\[07] J.D. Jaber – Don´t Stop Lovin´ (Original Version)
2\CD1\[08] Klein & M.B.O. – Dirty Talk (European Connection)
2\CD1\[09] Joe Yellow – Lover To Lover (Razormaid Remix)
2\CD1\[10] Green Ice – Gigolo (Original Version)
2\CD1\[11] Michael Bedford – More Than A Kiss (Original Version)
2\CD1\[12] Premio Nobel – Baby Doll (Original Version)
2\CD2\[01] Traks – Long Train Runnin (Original Version)
2\CD2\[02] Ashford & Simpson – Found A Cure (Original Version)
2\CD2\[03] William Pitt – City Lights (Extended Version)
2\CD2\[04] P. Lion – Dream (Original Version)
2\CD2\[05] Scotch – Pictures (The Power Mix)
2\CD2\[06] Tony Esposito – Papa Chico (Remix)
2\CD2\[07] Atlanta – Romantic Break (Original Version)
2\CD2\[08] Sheryl Lee Ralph – In The Evening (Extended)
2\CD2\[09] Silver Pozzoli – Cross My Heart (Original Version)
2\CD2\[10] Brian & The Eden – Sonsy Girl (Original Version)
2\CD2\[11] Moreno – Te Quiero A Ti Mujer (Original Version)
2\CD2\[12] Synergic Silence ft. Fred Ventura – Follow Your Instinct (Italoconnection Remix)
3\CD1\[01] Billy Ocean – Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)
3\CD1\[02] Kylie Minogue – Better The Devil You Know (The Mad March Hare Mix)
3\CD1\[03] Thompson Twins – Don´t Mess With Doctor Dreams (Smackattack 12´´ Mix)
3\CD1\[04] Sonia – You´ll Never Stop Me Loving You (Extended Version)
3\CD1\[05] Quibos – Quibos
3\CD1\[06] Lonnie Gordon – Happenin´ All Over Again (Hip House Mix)
3\CD1\[07] Torrevado – Living In The Shuttle (Vocal Mix)
3\CD1\[08] Silver Pozzoli – Step By Step
3\CD1\[09] The Twins – Deep Within My Heart
3\CD1\[10] Bruce & Bongo – Geil (Der Remix)
3\CD1\[11] Silvetti – Spring Rain (Club Mix)
3\CD1\[12] Joe Bataan – Rap O Clap O
3\CD2\[01] Jason Donovan – Too Many Broken Hearts
3\CD2\[02] Stephanie – Ouragan (Maxi Version)
3\CD2\[03] Lune De Miel – Paradise Mi Amor
3\CD2\[04] Mai Tai – History
3\CD2\[05] R. Bais – Dial My Number (Club Mix)
3\CD2\[06] Squash Gang – I Want An Illusion
3\CD2\[07] The Creatures – Believe In Yourself (Special Remix)
3\CD2\[08] Mata Hari – Mata Hari
3\CD2\[09] Miko Mission – The World Is You (Singers Mix)
3\CD2\[10] Daydream – Crazy
3\CD2\[11] Ross – Buscame
3\CD2\[12] Yuhniversia – Summer Dreams
4\CD1\[01] Gazebo – I Like Chopin
4\CD1\[02] Ivan – Fotonovela
4\CD1\[03] Donna Summer – Love´s About To Change My Heart (Extended Remix)
4\CD1\[04] Peter Brown – (Love Is Just) The Game (12´´ Version)
4\CD1\[05] Inner Life – Moment Of My Life
4\CD1\[06] Jason Donovan – When You Come Back To Me (Extended)
4\CD1\[07] Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance
4\CD1\[08] The Rah Band – Clouds Across The Moon
4\CD1\[09] Shermans – Don´t Push It Dont Force It
4\CD1\[10] Mai Tai – Turn Your Love Around (Turn Around Mix)
4\CD1\[11] Paul Paul – Good Times
4\CD1\[12] Colors – Never Mind
4\CD2\[01] Baby´s Gang – Happy Song (Vocal)
4\CD2\[02] Mr. Zivago – Little Russian
4\CD2\[03] Brian & The Eden – Celebration Tonight
4\CD2\[04] Topo & Roby – Under The Ice
4\CD2\[05] Rose – Magic Carillon
4\CD2\[06] Diego – Walk In The Night
4\CD2\[07] Stelee Up – Waiting For You
4\CD2\[08] Why Not – Smile
4\CD2\[09] Lena – Run To Me (Extended Version)
4\CD2\[10] Jules Tropicana – Welcome
4\CD2\[11] Blanca Wells – Take My Hand
4\CD2\[12] Victor Ark ft. Mr. Konrad – Love Is Life (MiLAno Remix)
5\CD1\[01] Talk Talk – Such A Shame (US Mix)
5\CD1\[02] Steve Arrington – Dancin´ In The Key Of Life
5\CD1\[03] Kylie Minogue – Got To Be Certain (Extended Version)
5\CD1\[04] Bobby ´´O´´ – She Has A Way
5\CD1\[05] Bizzy & Co – Take A Chance
5\CD1\[06] Alphaville – Universal Daddy (Aquarian Dance Mix)
5\CD1\[07] Kasso – I Love The Piano
5\CD1\[08] Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It (Original 12´´ Extended Version)
5\CD1\[09] Class Action ft. Chris Wiltshire – Weekend (Original 12´´ Version)
5\CD1\[10] The Flirts – Passion
5\CD1\[11] Chaplin Band – Il Veliero
5\CD1\[12] Monyaka – Goh De Yaka (Go To The Top)
5\CD2\[01] B.V.S.M.P. – I Need You
5\CD2\[02] Cuba Gooding – Happiness Is Just Around The Bend (12´´ Version)
5\CD2\[03] Waterfront Home – Take A Chance (On Me)
5\CD2\[04] Mandy Smith – I Just Cant Wait (Extended Version)
5\CD2\[05] Miko Mission – Toc Toc Toc
5\CD2\[06] Moon Ray – Comanchero (Special Disco Remix)
5\CD2\[07] Italian Boys – Gigolo
5\CD2\[08] Kinky Go – I´m A Winner
5\CD2\[09] Squash Gang – Moving Your Hips
5\CD2\[10] Charly Danone – Ed Io Ti Trovero
5\CD2\[11] Jules Tropicana – Jane Remembers
5\CD2\[12] Yuhniversia – Glitter
6\CD1\[01] Level 42 – Lessons In Love (Extended Version)
6\CD1\[02] Duran Duran – Notorious (Extended Mix).mp3″
6\CD1\[03] Gazebo – Lunatic (Original 12´´ Version).mp3″
6\CD1\[04] Colonel Abrams – Trapped (12´´ Vocal Mix)
6\CD1\[05] Nicole McCloud – Don´t You Want Me Love
6\CD1\[06] Den Harrow – Broken Radio (Razzormaid Edit)
6\CD1\[07] Pet Shop Boys – One More Chance
6\CD1\[08] Moses – We Just (Original 12´´ Version)
6\CD1\[09] Bobby Orlando – I´m So Hot For You.mp3″
6\CD1\[10] Rofo – Flashlight On A Disconight
6\CD1\[11] Attack – Crazy For Your Love
6\CD1\[12] Duke Lake – Satisfaction, Love And Passion
6\CD2\[01] Joy Peters – Don´t Lose Your Heart Tonight
6\CD2\[02] Patrick Colby – Mandrill
6\CD2\[03] Wow – Bring On The Men
6\CD2\[04] Why Not – Space Trouble
6\CD2\[05] Lala – Johnny Johnny
6\CD2\[06] Lucia – Marinero (Spanish Version)
6\CD2\[07] Lee Young – Napoleon
6\CD2\[08] Peter & The Wolf – Peter And The Wolf
6\CD2\[09] Green Ice – A Happier Time
6\CD2\[10] Xalan – I Only Move For Money
6\CD2\[11] Ross – Chains Of Love (Vocal)
6\CD2\[12] Andermay – En Azul (Extended Mix)
7\CD1\[01] Raf – Self Control
7\CD1\[02] Robin Gibb – Juliet
7\CD1\[03] Sandra – In The Heat Of The Night (Extended Version)
7\CD1\[04] Flash & The Pan – Waiting For A Train (Extended Version)
7\CD1\[05] Gino Soccio – Try It Out (Vocal Long Version)
7\CD1\[06] Free Enterprise – Make It On My Own (Remix by Ben Liebrand)
7\CD1\[07] Fonda Rae – Touch Me
7\CD1\[08] Donna Allen – Serious (Vocal Extra Long Version)
7\CD1\[09] The Flirts – Danger
7\CD1\[10] Sisley Ferré – Give Me Your Love
7\CD1\[11] Cyber People – Polaris
7\CD1\[12] Alan Barry – Come On (12´´ Club Version)
7\CD2\[01] Camaro´s Gang – Ali Shuffle (Album Version)
7\CD2\[02] Hotline – Fantasy (Canadian Version)
7\CD2\[03] Koto – Visitors (12´´ Swedish Remix)
7\CD2\[04] Albert One – For Your Love
7\CD2\[05] Aleph – Fire On The Moon
7\CD2\[06] Cliff Turner – Moonlight Affair
7\CD2\[07] Simona Sierra – Muchacho
7\CD2\[08] Scotch – Take Me Up (Vocal Version)
7\CD2\[09] Michael Bedford – Tonight
7\CD2\[10] Daydream – Crazy
7\CD2\[11] Charly Danone – You Can Do It
7\CD2\[12] Synergic Silence ft. Fred Ventura – Love Is My Answer (Rework)
8\CD1\[01] Falco – Der Kommissar (Extended Mix)
8\CD1\[02] Modern Talking – Jet Aitliner (Fasten-Seat-Belt Mix)
8\CD1\[03] Eddie Murphy – Party All the Time (Album Version)
8\CD1\[04] Midway – Set It Out (12´´ Version)
8\CD1\[05] Harold Faltermeyer – Axel F. (12´´ Disco Version G12U)
8\CD1\[06] Clair Hicks & Love Exchange – Push (In The Bush)
8\CD1\[07] Cat Miller – Ready Or Not (Shep Pettibone Special Remix Version)
8\CD1\[08] Loleatta Holloway – Crash Goes Love (12´´ Blaster Mix)
8\CD1\[09] The Flirts – Helpless (You Took My Love)
8\CD1\[10] Gotcha – Your Wrong
8\CD1\[11] Cube – Concert Boy (Original 12´´ Version)
8\CD1\[12] First Choice – Dr. Love
8\CD2\[01] Bobby ´´O´´ & Claudja Barry – Whisper To A Scream (Extended Version)
8\CD2\[02] Linda Jo Rizzo – You´re My First, You´re My Last
8\CD2\[03] Fred Ventura – Wind Of Change
8\CD2\[04] Joy Peters – One Night In Love
8\CD2\[05] Jock Hattle Band – To Be Or Not To Be
8\CD2\[06] Faxe – Time For Changes
8\CD2\[07] Cliff Turner – (I Need) Your Love
8\CD2\[08] Boney M – Citizen
8\CD2\[09] Mister X – Sweet Child
8\CD2\[10] Xalan – Revolution Without Solution
8\CD2\[11] J.J. Bronson – Dancing Every Way (First Version)
8\CD2\[12] Andermay – En Blanco (Extended Mix)
9\CD1\[01] Propaganda – P. Machinery (Beta)
9\CD1\[02] Talk Talk – It´s My Life (US Mix)
9\CD1\[03] Flash & The Pan – Midnight Man
9\CD1\[04] Alphaville – Sounds Like A Melody (Extended Version)
9\CD1\[05] Richenel – Dance Around The World (Powerhouse Mix)
9\CD1\[06] Delia Renee – You´re Gonna Want Me Back
9\CD1\[07] Paul Paul – Burn On The Flames
9\CD1\[08] The Kitch Club – Can´t Stop Saying I Love You
9\CD1\[09] Divine – Native Love (Step By Step)(Remix)
9\CD1\[10] Eric – Who´s Your Boyfriend
9\CD1\[11] Joyce Sims – Come Into My Life
9\CD2\[01] Albert One – Secrets
9\CD2\[02] Fred Ventura – Night And Day (London Version)
9\CD2\[03] Blue Russell – I Wanna Fly Away
9\CD2\[04] Attack ft. Sisley Ferre – Special Love
9\CD2\[05] Aleph – I´m In Danger
9\CD2\[06] Michael Bedford – Space Boys
9\CD2\[07] Gipsy & Queen – Gipsy Queen (Re-Edit)
9\CD2\[08] Oh Romeo – These Memories
9\CD2\[09] Ralph River Band – Strange Vibration
9\CD2\[10] Clock On 5 – Take It (Mayerling)(The ´One´ Remix)
9\CD2\[11] Imhan – One Million
9\CD2\[12] Daydream – Baby Baby
9\CD2\[13] Yuhniversia – Infection

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